We Provide Wide Range of
Business Services

Why People choose

SoftPros, Inc. is a leading business and collaborative solution provider enabling its customers to maintain their competitive advantage in the global market. SoftPros, Inc. services include staffing, onsite consulting and fixed cost turnkey solutions in the field of information technology to customers worldwide.

Consulting Services

SoftPros gives you access to the world's most talented and highly qualified IT professionals, bringing with them, years of IT experience, gained while developing and implementing software solutions for multinational clients around the world.

Cost Effective Solutions

We follow the engagement models that are based on Fixed Cost and Time & Material quality management. The concept of Hybrid Model helps to evaluate the pros and cons of both.

Hybrid Model

SoftPros offers a number of engagement models to its clients. We can take up projects on Time and Material basis, on fixed cost basis and in several hybrid models. This gives our clients the flexibility to choose whatever option suits them best.

Quick Support

We take care of all administrative and legal issues, from real estate, utilities, and permits, to computers, communications, and office supplies. We also provides the professional support staff and operating licenses to run functions.