Application Development and Management

SoftPros provides a range of services to enable a customer to focus on business and the changing business scenario. Using a combination of onsite, offsite and offshore, SoftPros can deliver substantial savings to its clients, thereby, releasing the limited IT budgets to meet the challenges of the business.

Application Development

SoftPros follows a well-defined software development life cycle using a modified version based on Rational Unified process and IEEE standards to meet the dynamics of remote development and management. Based on the scope of the project, and the project specifications SoftPros will adapt a version of the high level process to meet the customers’ expectations. SoftPros has executed large projects, using the agile development process, where the requirements are still evolving, and the team is an integral extension of the client's team.

Application Management

IT budgets being consumed by application management, many companies rarely have enough budgets to implement new requirements or technologies to meet the growing demands of the end-users. Also, it is not uncommon for companies to have a large backlog of maintenance requests. SoftPros works with its customers in reducing its application management budgets using the global delivery model, and thereby reducing the costs. Companies can utilize the additional budget in two of the alternate ways: either in reducing the backlog of maintenance requests by increasing the maintenance team or take up new technology initiative.


As applications reach their end-of the life-cycle, applications tend to have performance issues and lack of documentation and maintainability becomes a question. One of the most common ways of extending the life of the application is re-engineering, giving a fresh lease of life. SoftPros re-engineering team will ensure that the application will have structured coding with proper documentation and at the same time can implement change requests without lacking the original functionality.